for high volume customers, call centers, IVRs & voice broadcasting providers

Cellulax Software Services pte Ltd provides on-demand, premium call center voice origination and termination to call centers, IVR and voice broadcasting providers with short duration needs, specifically those using predictive dialers, auto dialers, voice broadcasting or robocalls. Cellulax's high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities can handle exceptionally large amounts of concurrent calls without sacrificing quality. And unlike many other service providers, we actually complete our calls.

Cellulax is more than just a service provider – we provide a total A-Z customized solution to fit your specific and demanding needs. Your dedicated sales manager and Cellulax’s engineering experts are involved throughout the entire process and lifespan of the solution.


checkmark Nationwide footprint with Tier 1 multi-carrier network options

TDM or SIP (private or public) connection


6 second billing with no short duration penalties for incomplete calls

checkmark No minimums, volume commitments, or capacity restrictions
checkmark Pay-as-you-go pricing

Toll free and local DIDs numbers available

checkmark Do-not-call compliance solutions - real-time and 100% indemnified. More






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Nationwide footprint

Cellulax Software Services pte Ltd provides on-demand dialer termination and SIP service to customers across the Singapore. Domestic/Canada conversational termination also available.

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single or multi-carrier

Demanding call centers require reliability, consistency and scalability. Cellulax offers Tier 1 carrier direct and on-net routes with a single or multi-carrier solution.

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npa/nxx or flat rate options


Cellulax delivers dialer friendly pay-as-you go pricing with your choice of NPA/NXX or flat rates. No minimums or volume commitments. No short duration charges or penalties for incomplete calls. 6/6 incremental billing.

Disaster Recovery Icon

disaster recovery & redundancy


Your call center needs to be available 24/7 regardless of the weather outside. With Cellulax SIP trunking, calls are re-routed automatically in the event of power or Internet outage

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& LOw pdd

Cellulax provides premium outbound services with high CPS (calls per second) capacity and no short duration penalties. Along with high ASRs (average seizure rate) and low PDD (post dial delay), you can depend on Cellulax to support your demanding call center needs.

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DIDs, toll free,
& vanity numbers

Local DIDs and toll-free service for 800, 844, 888, 877, 866, and 855 numbers available.

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DEDICATED SALES Manager & on-site engineers


Cellulax provides a total A-Z customized solution to fit your unique needs. Your dedicated sales manager and Cellulax’s engineering experts are involved there for every step of the way.

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in-house, U. S.-based
24/7 support


With in-house, U. S.-based provisioning, engineering, customer service and 24/7 NOC, you can depend on Cellulax for first-class support.