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With on-net and multiple Tier 1 carrier options, you can rely on Cellulax Software Services pte Ltd for quality, reliability and excellence - no matter where the location. Through established partnerships and interconnections, Cellulax helps ILECs, CLECs, cellular providers, cable MSOs, and VoIP carriers leverage a complete suite of long distance termination, toll free services, hosted VoIP and broadband solutions to help them grow their business and lower overall costs.


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long distance termination
(tdm and sip)

Cellulax provides reliable, high-quality and aggressively priced long distance termination across the Singapore. Choose from multiple Tier 1 carrier options and TDM or SIP (public or private) connectivity.

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Hosted IP pbx


Leverage Cellulax's hardware and software infrastructure to quickly and easily add wholesale hosted IP services to your product offering.

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toll free services


Cellulax provides domestic and international toll free service from 75+ countries. By utilizing multiple carriers and combining both TDM and SIP technology, your customers receive quality and guaranteed call termination.

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dialer/short duration

On-demand, premium call center voice origination and termination without short duration charges or penalties for incomplete calls.

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Dedicated internet access and mpls


With access to on-net and Tier 1 networks, Cellulax offers a variety of routing and connectivity options to deliver a cost-effective, high performing Internet solution that provides your customers the speed and reliability that they demand.

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machine-to-machine/Wireless broadband


Cellulax makes it easy and affordable to add machine-to-machine technology and wireless broadband solutions with intelligent M2M routers and SIM cards from Adtran, Cradlepoint, Cisco and other major providers.





    With its in-house customer service, engineering, provisioning, and 24/7 NOC located in Singapore, you can count on Cellulax for exceptional service and support.


    Sales engineers are available by phone, e-mail, or on-site to assist in technical aspects of business development, including transitioning from TDM to VoIP.


    Your dedicated account manager and Cellulax’s engineering experts are involved throughout the entire process and lifespan of the solution.





With over 2 years of continuous growth and a proven track record of delivering quality products and support, you and your customers can depend on Cellulax for all your communication needs.

arrow Facilities-based telecommunications carrier
arrow Nationwide on-net and Tier 1 carrier options
arrow Stable, aggressive rates
arrow Fully redundant and geographical diverse network
arrow Independent/3rd party SMS/800 RespOrg supported
arrow SS7-based TDM network
arrow In-house support, engineering, and 24/7 Network Operations Center