Keep Customers Connected


Some of the biggest names in the alarm and emergency response industry trust Cellulax for their business critical voice communications. By utilizing multiple carriers and combining both TDM and SIP technology, Cellulax ensures both quality and guaranteed call termination for customers who require 99.999% up time.


checkmark U.S., Canadian, and international service from 75+ countries
checkmark Tier 1 multi-carrier diversity

Choice of TDM or SIP (public or private) connection

checkmark Mix of SIP trunks and TDM circuits
checkmark Customized pricing to fit call volumes and call patterns
checkmark 3rd party SMS/800 or complimentary RespOrg supported

800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888 and vanity numbers


Disaster recovery and redundancy -  Cellulax automatically reroutes toll-free traffic over multiple originating toll-free providers

  and redundant paths in the event of an outage, Internet connectivity failure, network problems, or SMS corruption
checkmark Enhanced features like Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant and voicemail available




operator using headset